Q: What do we gain?

- You get free marketing (publicity and visibility) on our platform and social media.

- Access to analytical reports on the number of students who visit your place, the peak days and hours. A better customer engagement understanding.

- Increase demand as students are attracted to discounts & offerings.

- You will be taking part in helping our university students. Hence, an opportunity to build your CSR.



Q: What are your costs?

Zero. We do not charge Merchants any fees, whether monthly or annually or per transaction. This is to encourage Merchants to provide an attractive offering for our students!



Q: How can I change my discounts and products that featured on Unipal?

You will be given access to your business account through a Mobile App. From there you will be able to edit any information relating to your offer. Once the information is edited, we will confirm the change and update the changes accordingly.



Q: How do we know that not more than 1 student will be using the same card?

We have a verification process set-up whereby our system only accepts University Students. This is done by verifying the student status through their university email and university card. On the Unipal membership ID, the student picture will be visible as an extra form of verification so that you can check the right student is using the right card.



Q: What is the procedure?

You scan the QR code using your merchant portal and put in the transaction made and that’s it. It’s as easy as it sounds.



Q: What if we are having an issue with scanning the QR code?

That’s fine, you can just note down the Student ID that is visible in the card and we will then insert the data manually.



Q: We have a no-phone policy at our company, how do we scan?

That’s fine, you can just note down the Student ID that is visible in the card and we will then insert the data manually. You will be given a sheet to insert the data which we will collect from you at the end of the week.



Q: How many users can download and use the portal?

There will be an Admin account and a User account. Admins will have full control of the business profile; they will be able to update the profile and view analytics. Users can only scan the QR code.

You can have all your employees access the user account while you maintain sole access to the Admin account.



Q: So I have to teach our driver to use the app?

Don’t worry, we have a step-by-step guide that we provide for you to share with your team so that they can all quickly learn how to use the portal. It should not take more than an hour to understand it.



Q: How frequently will we get analytical reports?

Detailed analytics reports will be sent Quarterly to your email.

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